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Wisconsin ARES/RACES

Weather Spotter Training

Weather Spotter Training Schedule (Supplied by Tom Kucharski, ASEC NWS, WI ARES/RACES)

"The links to the 2013 weather spotter training schedules for Weather Forecast offices responsible for counties in Wisconsin are shown below.
These are direct from the respective weather forecast office web sites. Any other links "in the wild" should be using
these as reference.

Tom Kucharski


Green Bay

Chanhassen (Minneapolis)



A note from Tom Kucharski, ASEC NWS WI ARES/RACES:

Please check the pages above for guidance on attendance, registration or setup of any "remote" classes that are offered by the individual offices. Due to several factors the approach to the delivery of this education has changed.

For any remote/webcast classes offered by individual offices, it is suggested that teams/groups gather in a single location with video/teleconference capability so the number of access nodes used for a given presentation are kept to a minimum.

The above schedules are links to the office's web sites, so they should be the most accurate at any given time. Other details as to who would be providing the training will most likely be provided on the pages above.



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