WISCONSIN: SM: Patrick Moretti KA1RB. 

Well, Hello!

This morning I got up and just wanted to say Hi to Amateurs in Wisconsin!


My short topic for this letter is "another aspect of Amateur Radio"...

One of the forums that was scheduled at the Dayton Hamvention this year was "How to Handle the Annoying Member in Your Club" or something to that effect. For some reason it was cancelled... One of the comments that stood out was: "If you believe your club does not have an annoying member - You are probably it!"

So in the spirit of doing a good job at whatever your endeavor is, here are the guidelines for being as annoying as possible. Please excuse the parody of the Amateur's Code.


BE INCONSIDERATE! 1. Use what ever frequency for your own operation - ignore the band plans! 2. Use more power than needed, be broad banded! 3. Make it a point to operate so that you annoy at least one or more persons...

BE DISLOYAL! 1. You only owe loyalty to yourself! No one else matters. 2. It helps if you can make believe that you care... make new people feel welcomed, but only so that you can get a following of new people who don't really know you yet. More people following you makes you more IMPORTANT!

BE RETRO! 1. Stick to the old ways - Your ways... "I've been a Ham for over 60 Years - Trust me!" = "I've been a Ham for One year 60 times..." = don't support change! 2. There is no need to keep up with the state of the art. (All those digital modes are not real radio!) 3. Operate your way and try to get new people to operate the same way (jump in and correct them if they stray from your own part 97 interpretation) 4. Use as many frequencies as you can at the same time…


1. "I don't need no stinking friends... just followers" (2.2 above) 2. Operate your way - if they can't keep-up, its their fault not yours. 3. Don't give advice... dictate how you want them to operate. Its your way or the Highway!


BE UNBALANCED (need I say more?)

BE UNPATRIOTIC! 1. Spend hours criticizing every aspect of government from the Dog Catcher to the President - none of those overpaid wannabe's deserve any respect! 2. Jump in and criticize anyone else's' opinion. Make sure to belittle them as much as possible - note - if you can't do it on the air, do it at food events you organize for the purpose. 3. Make a big deal of supporting the various public events, but make sure that the way you do it makes you stand out as the organizer, the controller, the end all of the event, even if all you did was show-up and get in the way!

While the above comments are tongue-in-cheek, we all know some folks that fit into one or more of the characteristics. Talk to them gently because it is likely that they do not know they are doing it.

I strongly believe that no-one gets up in the morning and asks themselves "what can I screw-up today?" Or "who can I inconvenience?" Or "Who can I annoy?" Yet in the course of the day, it happens, things get screw-up, folks are inconvenienced by our actions, and some folks are downright annoyed! Was there something we could have done differently? There probably was... Think on it!

My goal here? Get you thinking about your own behavior...


By the time you read this, Field Day will be upon us! This coming week-end!

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the value of Amateur Radio! -Amateur Radio is FUN -Amateur Radio can be used in a field/emergency situation -Amateur Radio Operators are team players -Amateur Radio Operators are educators

Hope you have the opportunity to spend a fun week-end in the field. I'll be visiting various sites and hope to see you there!

Messaging During Field Day

To help facilitate Field Day messages during the FD period, there will be a number of extra sessions of the Badger Emergency Net on 3985 as well as regular sessions of all section nets, phone and CW. All FD participants can send their message to the SM or SEC on any of these nets. We're pleased that the Wisconsin section NTS nets can provide this service. Good luck on Field Day.

Saturday 2:00pm 3985 KHz (one hour after the event begins) 3:30pm 3985 KHz 5:00pm (WSBN 3985 KHz) 6:30pm 3985 KHz

Sunday 8:00am (WI ARES HF NET 3967 KHz) 10:00am (Back to 3985KHZ) 12:00pm (BEN REGULAR SESSION 3985 KHz) 1:30pm 3985 KHz 3:45pm (15 minutes prior to the end of the event)

These will be directed nets. Please observe Net Protocol.

Wisconsin Nets: BWN 3984 0500-0715 W9IXG. BEN 3985 1200 NX9K. WSBN 3985 1700-1800 KN9P. WNN 3555 1800 KB9ROB. WSSN 3555 1830 N9VC. WIN-E 3555 1900 WB9ICH. WIN-L 3555 2200 W9RTP. WRACES 3967.0 0800 Sundays WB9WKO (All times are Central time)


CLUB ACTIVITIES: Amateur Radio Clubs on Facebook:

I continue to be amazed by the very lively use of social media that has popped up recently. Quite a few of the clubs have shared their Facebook pages with me and it is really great to see the dynamic exchanges going on in those pages. They are up-to-date openly shared and become a great resource for information as some of the clubs explore their interest and share what they have discovered! Here are a few links you should try!

and of course:

There are many others - explore and find/share the joy!

The next BIG up-coming event is the SOUTH MILWAUKEE SWAPFEST! 07/08/2017 At the American Legion Post 434 9327 South Shepard Avenue Oak Creek, WI 53154
Public Contact: Karen Burris, KC9WQJ PO Box 170302 Milwaukee, WI 53217 414-578-0492

It promises to be the biggest in years - so don't miss it!

And the next one after that is:

CHIPPEWA VALLEY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Tailgate Swap Fest Saturday July 15, 2017 Location: Eagle's Banquet Center and Conference Hall 2588 Hwy 53 Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 Coordinates: 44.880788, -91.429431 Time: 08:00 - 12:00 Setup: 06:30-07:30 Cost: $5.00/head selling or looking Talk in: 147.375/975 PL 110.9 W9CVA/R

Amenities: * NO disposal available. ALL unsold items must leave with you


Wisconsin Nets: BWN 3984 0500-0715 W9IXG. BEN 3985 1200 NX9K. WSBN 3985 1700-1800 KN9P. WNN 3555 1800 KB9ROB. WSSN 3555 1830 N9VC. WIN-E 3555 1900 WB9ICH. WIN-L 3555 2200 W9RTP. WRACES 3967.0 0800 Sundays WB9WKO (All times are Central time)

STM Report Wisconsin Section May 2017


FAQ #190 Difference between a fish and a transceiver? You can tune a transceiver, but you can't tuna fish. It's time for the net but there's a QSO on net frequency. What might a good net control do? Move. When the net control operator finds it necessary to shift the net frequency, everyone moves with the NCS.

That means you re-zerobeat or tune in both your receiver and transmitter. No, just adjusting your RIT doesn't do it. You'll still be transmitting on the "old" net frequency. In fact, you may be well out of the passband of the NCS's receiver, so you won't be heard. Even if he or she hears you, you'll still be creating interference for the stations on what was the net frequency.

So when you move with the net, please move both your receiver AND your transmitter VFO. And that's the name of that, er, tune.

And when you find a net during Field Day, don't forget your extra points for sending a proper message to your SM (KA1RB) or SEC (N9MEA). The text will include the name of your group, your location, the number of participants, and the number of ARES/RACES members probably in that order. Your message only has to get into the system during the FD period. If you're checked into any net, please help a FD station out by taking their traffic for relay. Good Luck. 73 -- K9LGU/STM-WI


BWN 1832 2290 4222 31 W9IXG
BEN 372 353 817 31 NX9K
WSBN 490 203 913 31 KN9P
WSSN 187 94 534 31 KB9ROB
WIN/E 177 130 272 31 WB9ICH
WIN/L 163 75 291 31 W9RTP
WRACES HF 61 11 128 4 WB9WKO
WRACES VHF 47 0 41 1 W9REL
WRACES- DIGITAL 168 1098 7200 5 KB9MMC
W DSTAR 59 1 132 7 AB9FT
TOTALS 3556 4255 14550 203  


nets" "40
tfc" "30
appt" "5 /hr.
sked evnts" "5 /hr.
emrg evnts" "10ea
bbs/ web pg"

CALL 1 2 3 4 5 6 T
K9LGU 40 40 30 60 10 0 180
K9ILJ 37 40 0 60 0 20 157
WB9WKO 40 40 30 20 5 0 135
AG9G 40 40 20 25 0 0 125
N9VC 40 40 20 0 0 20 120
NX9K 40 40 30 0 0 0 110
KN9P 40 40 20 0 0 0 100
WA9QIB 40 40 0 0 0 0 80


NX9K 828 211 913 3 1955 -BPL
WB9WKO 0 185 201 1 387
N9VC 0 150 64 0 214
K9LGU 0 77 82 1 160
KA9BAE 1 69 63 4 137
AG9G 0 41 90 0 131
WD9FLJ 1 56 52 2 111
WA9QIB 1 41 43 16 101
KN9P 0 40 16 15 71
KB9ROB 0 41 12 16 69
K9ILJ 1 21 10 8 40
K9IBM 1 1 29 1 32
N9KQ 0 0 32 0 32
K9GU 0 0 30 0 30
WB9WHG 0 14 7 6 27
WB9ICH 0 16 2 0 18
K9GDF 0 15 1 0 16
W9UW 0 3 7 0 10


Sadly I have several passings to reports at this time: ... and a reminder. Please, as you send me these sad notices, make sure to include links to the obituaries. You'll notice some of the links are missing in the following listings.

Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA, died May 16.  There is a small announcement in the La Crosse Tribune today which will be followed by a full obituary later:

Bernard R. Budny, W9WKB Silent Key

Bernard R "bub" Budny W9WKB SK Died May 16 2017 at age 89 he was a US Navy veteran serving during World War II and worked at Allen Bradley or 24 years he had a master's degree in electrical engineering from UW Madison and was a professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering

Peter S. Stankowski, N9DVF SK, "Pete" N9DVF Born on May 17, 1953, closed his eyes and found peace on June 8, 2017.

Through a memorial gift to ARRL you can celebrate or honor the life or contributions of a family member or friend for whom Amateur Radio has been a passion.

Please keep me informed of any Wisconsin Amateurs who pass away.  Send me the obituary (newspaper website notice preferred) to so I can pass it on to ARRL for posting in QST.


The MAIN reminders for this letter are "don't be the annoying member of your club..." and remember to Enjoy Field Day and demonstrate Good Amateur Radio Practices!


More experimentation with this newsletter - hope it meets your expectations!

I appreciate the feed-back I have received and look forward to more!

I want to emphasize that as an SM my goals are in line with the ARRL's goals with some emphasis on my own additions:

* Improve the recruitment of young people into Amateur Radio * Increase ARRL membership & financial support * Fully support the efforts growth and needs of the ARES/RACES organization * Expand PRB-1 to cover property covenants and restrictions * Continue supporting pro-active FCC rules enforcement * Develop and support continuing Amateur Radio education


I would like to receive your club newsletters (along with permission to use quotes from them) so that I can include them in this Wisconsin Section Newsletter. Please send them to my address! Keep me informed and I'll share that information with you - let me know how I can help!

Thanks to all who participate!


Patrick KA1RB


Wisconsin ARES/RACES Works With:
arrl WEM Amber alert WeComm