SECTION NEWSLETTER for December 2016

WISCONSIN: SM: Patrick Moretti KA1RB

Just a few words to wish EVERYONE a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Amateur Radio makes it Christmas all year long as our avocation teaches us humility (there's always some one with a better radio, a better signal, a better antenna...) It teaches us to love our neighbor (there's always some one worse off than we are that needs our kindness and our help) It teaches us to respect others (our own achievements pale in the light of all the achievements of others) It teaches us to pay attention (there is enough change and discovery in Amateur Radio to fill libraries with knowledge) It teaches us to share (the best we can do is share our knowledge - we always get the most return for that investment) The spirit of Christmas is there within our grasp - it is up to us individually to maintain it.

My wish for you? May 2017 bring you the joy and surprises that you deserve! See you at the SWAPFEST!

Talking of which...

The West Allis Radio Amateur Club 45th Annual Midwinter Ham Radio, Computer and Electronics Swapfest will be held on Saturday,
January 7, 2017, 8 A.M. to 1 P.M. at the Waukesha County Expo Center Arena, 1000 Northview Rd., Waukesha, WI 53188

I-94 west from Milwaukee to County Hwy J (exit 294), south to County Hwy FT (Northview Rd), west to the Expo (Gates 2 & 3).

Special Events:
The new VE testing location is in the same Waukesha County Arena building in which the Swapfest will be held. VE testing is in the Fox River Meeting Room. Participants should enter the Arena building through Door № 12, the Fox River Meeting Room, which is just to the left (South) of the Main Entrance. After testing, participants are encouraged to enter the Swapfest through the Arena main entrance.

Admission: advance $5, door $6. Eight-foot tables only:
$20 before January 1, 2016, $24 Jan 1 and after. Free admission
ticket with every two tables purchased (max 3 free tickets).
Electrical outlet $22 (advance only).

Registration: Send advance registration form and #10 business size
SASE to WARAC Swapfest, PO Box 1072, Milwaukee, WI 53201.
Advance reservation deadline is January 1, 2017.

Information: Erwin von der Ehe, WI9EV, 262-271-0630 or visit


Wisconsin Nets:
BWN 3984 0500-0715 W9IXG.    
BEN 3985 1200 NX9K.
WSBN 3985 1700-1800 KN9P.
WNN 3555 1800 KB9ROB.
WSSN 3555 1830 N9VC.
WIN-E 3555 1900 WB9ICH.
WIN-L 3555 2200 W9RTP.
WRACES 3967.0 0800 Sundays WB9WKO (All times are Central time)



FAQ #184 -- What are the connections that support the NTS in our section? Connections? You mean my coax connectors, my microphone connector, my Anderson Power Poles? Open? Short? Intermittent? Not exactly.
Yes, we do need to check our connections from power supply to transmitter, from rig to antenna, from mic, key, or computer to radio.
That's one of the first things we do when something's not working right. And it often solves the problem.
But there's more. For the National Traffic System to function well in our section, we need connections among different levels of nets -- local nets, 9RN, CAN, and all the section nets including Phone, Digital, and CW. Traffic needs to flow from the WSBN to WIN/E to 9RN from 9RN to WIN/L to the BEN, etc. We need liaison stations to take traffic from net to net. We need the connections between net managers, their net controls, and the net members.
And there's even more. If we want our system to work well, to continue to grow and develop into an excellent support vehicle for
served agencies in time of need, we need the critical connections between NTS and ARES/RACES folks. We need the essential connections between EC's and their county emergency managers. Our NTS nets need to help train ARES/RACES traffic operators. ARES/RACES operators need to support NTS operations, too.
Finally, and probably most important, we must enhance the connections among operators. We need to continue to appreciate each other, learn from each other, and support each other. We must connect with newly licensed Hams or those who haven't been properly introduced to traffic handling, if we want the NTS to survive. If we stagnate, we disappear.
We can connect at local meetings, at swapfests, and on the air. We can check those vital connections often and do what we can to strengthen them. That will be the strength of the NTS in Wisconsin for now and insure it for many years.

73 -- K9LGU/STM


BWN 1984 2521 4076 30 W9IXG
BEN 378 260 758 30 NX9K
WSBN 497 165 905 30 KN9P
WNN 225 66 543 30 KB9ROB
WSSN 139 39 312 26 N9VC
WIN/E 128 50 223 28 WB9ICH
WIN/L 148 60 298 30 W9RTP
WRACES HF" 65 13 167 4 WB9WKO
WRACES VHF 33 3 40 1 W9REL
WRACES- DIGITAL 162 737 7200 5 KB9MMC
W DSTAR 91 8 183 8 AB9FT
totals 3850 3922 14705 222


nets" "40
tfc" "30
appt" "5 /hr.
sked evnts" "5 /hr.
emrg evnts" "10ea
bbs/ web pg"
CALL 1 2 3 4 5 6 T
N9VC 40 40 30 0 0 20 130
WB9WKO 40 40 30 20 0 0 130
AG9G 40 40 20 25 0 0 125
K9LGU 40 40 30 5 0 0 115
KN9P 40 40 20 15 0 0 115
NX9K 40 40 30 0 0 0 110
WA9QIB 40 40 0 0 0 0 80
K9ILJ 25 12 0 15 0 20 72


NX9K 548 168 696 7 1419 -BPL
WB9WKO 0 121 157 3 281
N9VC 0 208 67 0 275
K9LGU 0 46 97 1 175
WA9QIB 0 53 57 20 130
AG9G 0 32 83 0 115
WD9FLJ 5 61 44 4 114
KA9BAE 8 38 33 0 79
KN9P 0 39 17 18 74
KB9ROB 0 57 6 8 71
K9IBM 1 0 30 0 31
N9KQ 0 0 31 0 31
K9GU 0 0 25 0 25
W9RTP 0 21 4 0 25
WB9WHG 0 19 5 0 24
WB9ICH 0 15 2 0 17
K9ILJ 0 5 3 4 12
W9UW 0 1 6 0 7
K9GDF 0 3 1 0 4

Technical Coordinator Report for October, 2016

Blaise Matuszak, WD9CPT, phoned me October 24th inquiring about his 2-meter transceiver problem. His radio stopped working and it now did not light up. I suggested several steps of troubleshooting, depending on the results, with follow-up diagnosis. Blaise found the 12 volts DC connection on the back of his radio was intermittent and had to make a repair.

He soon phoned back to happily thank me for my help. I had correctly figured out the exact problem and solution.

This is especially rewarding since he is at the National Regency, a senior home in New Berlin because he has balance issues and recently broke a leg. So his radio is a very important part of his life as ham radio activities keep him in touch with the outside world.

Rich Regent, K9GDF


Sadly I have several passings to reports at this time:

Silent Key ex-WB9UFE, Joseph Bastian

Silent Key K9ZT, Dornis C. "Bud" Morin Jr, age 93 passed away on Thursday, November 17, 2016 with his loving family by his side.
Bud was a long-time member of both the Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club and the Madison DX Club as well as ARRL and perhaps other clubs.

Silent Key WA9REL, Robert E Lewis passed away November 1st @ 11:40 PM. He was born in 1929. He was active in his local radio club, Free Masons, Odd Fellows, and a veteran of the Air Force, who all represented their respects. A flag was presented to his wife, Barbara. 21 gun salute and taps were played.

Silent Key WA9O, Jerry Seefeld passed recently

Silent Key KC9FCE, Charles E. Harrold, Jr, 86, Phillips, formerly of Greensburg, Pa., died on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, at Aspirus Pleasant View Nursing Home, Phillips, while under the care of Flambeau Home Health Care and Hospice and Aspirus Pleasant View staff.

Silent Key W9QEZ/4, Jack R. Pettigrew of Marathon, FL (formerly Brown Deer, WI) passed away on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, at the age of 90. - See more at:

Through a memorial gift to ARRL you can celebrate or honor the life or contributions of a family member or friend for whom Amateur Radio has been a passion.

Please keep me informed of any Wisconsin Amateurs who pass away. Send me the obituary (newspaper website notice preferred) to so I can pass it on to ARRL for posting in QST.

Have you been to the New HRO store yet? Worth a visit if you haven't! While there say hello to all the hams around you!

More experimentation with this newsletter - hope it meets your expectations!

I appreciate the feed-back I have received and look forward to more!

I want to emphasize that as an SM my goals are in line with the ARRL's goals with some emphasis on my own additions:

* Improve the recruitment of young people into Amateur Radio
* Increase ARRL membership & financial support
* Fully support the efforts growth and needs of the ARES/RACES organization
* Expand PRB-1 to cover property covenants and restrictions
* Continue supporting pro-active FCC rules enforcement
* Develop and support continuing Amateur Radio education

Amateur Radio Clubs on Facebook:

Blackjack ARC

Miller Valley ARC

Milwaukee Repeater Club, MRC91

Hidden Valleys Amateur Radio Club of SouthWest Wisconsin

From the OZARES Monthly News Letter:
OZARES nets are held each Thursday at 8:00 p.m.From the Hidden Valley Radio Club of SouthWest Wisconsin:
a link to an article on breaking through QSO congestion

I would like to receive your club newsletters (along with permission to use quotes from them) so that I can include them in this Wisconsin Section Newsletter. Please send them to my address!
Keep me informed and I'll share that information with you - let me
how I can help!


ARRL Wisconsin Section Section Manager: Patrick J Moretti, KA1RB

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