Portage County EC

Hello everyone this is KC9YLK, Nicholas Proulx, I am the new EC for Portage County. I have been active in ham radio since I saw Portage Country ARES/Races at an event in 2012. I saw how the operators were passing long distance radio communications over 2 meters counties away and our fire department radios have issues passing traffic miles away. After passing my tech test I received a package from my uncle N9AWG, with my first HT and Mobile radio and I've been on the air ever since.

I am a Captain on the Town of Hull Fire Department, located near Stevens Point, I have been active in emergency services for the last 16 years. I look forward to working with everyone in the area and across the state to better serve the community in which we live in. Hope to hear you in the air.
I can be reached at and cell phone of 715-570-4284


Wisconsin ARES/RACES Works With:
arrl WEM Amber alert WeComm